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Crash Snowdon Studio exists to create and share fiction. There's nothing like a good story, whether that's told through words on a page, or a more interactive format.  Sisters of Rail is now complete and the sequel is here!

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You can find a list of not-yet-public chapters here.  Clicking such a chapter will show you the release schedule for that chapter, including when it will be available to each Patreon tier.  Patrons can log in with a special tier password to get early access to such chapters.


Ghost Cache

Crash Snowdon's ongoing realitypunk web serial novel, Ghost Cache, is in its fourth arc, Init.  Meet the mysterious 'ghost', 1709, and explore the many wild worlds of VIVID.

Click the button above to go directly to the story page, or click the Fiction button to the left to find it in the index.  Each chapter has a link to Patreon, where Patrons are able to leave comments.  (Or you can comment via the Crash Snowdon Twitter, above.)


Your Support

Crash Snowdon Studio cannot continue to exist indefinitely without your financial support via Patreon. Patron rewards include sneak peaks and early access to story chapters, participation in polls (once there are some patrons to participate in them), author Q&As (ditto), and potentially more as the support base enables.

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Under Construction

There should probably be more content added here. Please feel free to make suggestions via Twitter. (See above. Or below.) In the meantime, you may simply enjoy another original photograph. Despite the name 'Studio' and the inclusion of such original photography, Crash Snowdon Studio is not a photography studio. These photos are just casual smartphone snaps with extra jpeg compression on top. There's three because that's how many were in the parallax template for Materialize which has been barely modified.

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